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Champions of Open Source

iXsystems believes that Open Source technology has the power to change the world through its process of open and collaborative innovation. This principle fuels all product design at iXsystems. By leveraging decades of expertise in hardware design, its contributions to many Open Source software communities, and corporate stewardship of leading Open Source projects (including FreeNAS® and TrueOS®), iXsystems has become an industry leader in building innovative storage solutions and superior enterprise servers for a global marketplace that relies on open technology. iXsystems has open source in its DNA and decades of experience in providing rock-solid solutions driven by an open source foundation for thousands of clients. We take pride in our responsiveness to customer needs and build long-term relationships that lasts decades.

Storage and Server Solutions

iXsystems creates open source driven enterprise storage and server hardware and software solutions for thousands of clients, many with relationships lasting decades. We are headquartered in Silicon Valley with all products built and supported in the US. The Open Source ecosystem enables us to deliver the highest value and best ROI for our clients.

FreeBSD Community Contributions

iXsystems has been part of the FreeBSD® community for years and employs and partners with some of the most brilliant FreeBSD® developers. iXsystems develops FreeNAS™, which is enterprise-grade software defined storage with no strings attached. FreeNAS includes ZFS, the most-advanced open source file system available which allows the user to create a completely open source storage server for Windows, Macintosh, Unix and Virtualization clients. With 10 million downloads, FreeNAS is the world’s most popular open source software defined storage system.

Products and Differentiation

Our vendor relationships and vendor certifications allow our products to have tighter hardware/software integration than our competitors. Our user training and certification raises the bar for users and building a community. And finally, our TrueNAS® enterprise storage appliances surpasses the competition on both features and price, all thanks to our transparency and passion.

People and Products

Thousands of companies, universities, and government organizations (many who have been with us for years) rely on iXsystems’ storage, servers, and customer-first commitment to excellence. Headquartered in Silicon Valley since 1996, our dedication to white-glove customer service, industry-leading support, and transparent technological contributions has never wavered and continues to help pave the way to a new era powered by open technology.